• Gary Jeandron

    For California Assembly District 42

    ~ The Republican Revolution is Underway ~

  • Morongo Basin

    Joshua Tree National Park Gateway Communities
    Morongo valley, Yucca Valley, Pioneertown, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms

  • Mt San Jacinto

    Idylwild, Pine Cove and Mountain Communities

  • Coachella Valley

    Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage
    Palm Desert, La Quinta ~ the Desert Cove Communities

  • Banning Pass

    Beaumont, Banning, Cherry Valley, Calimesa and Yucaipa

  • San Jacinto Valley

    San Jacinto, Gilman Hot Springs and Sobobo

Gary Jeandron for California Assembly District 42

Upcoming Events and MEET and GREET Opportunities ... February 7, 2018 ~ 5:30pm ~ Palm Desert ... February 13, 2018 ~ 5-7pm ~ Palm Desert ... February 19, 2018 ~ 5:30pm ~ La Quinta ... February 20, 2018 ~ 5pm ~ Banning (a change from the 30th) ... March 6, 2018 ~ 5:30pm ~ Yucaipa ... details on flyer on Events Page.

Join the Republican Revolution

Over 200 years ago the American Colonists became angered and disillusioned by over-taxation and under-representation from their government. They rebelled and started a Revolution. Republican Californians find themselves in the same place today. I am asking that you join me in a peaceful Revolution against the ruling Democrats of California and their King; Governor Brown.

Our Revolutionary War Patriots were up against the best well armed and trained military in the world. They knew the odds and still they made a stand on what was right and defeated King George and England. These dedicated Patriots formed the most outstanding government and country in human history!

I am asking for your support in my campaign for the 42nd Assembly. As in the Revolutionary War we do have to deal with turncoats. We have such a turncoat in our midst; Mr. Mayes the current Assemblyman in the 42nd. His vote for a climate bill does nothing to substantially impact climate but instead favors special interest, crony capitalism while mocking our Republican free market principles. The climate bill referred, as “Cap and Trade” will directly increase what you pay at the gas pump. This politician abandoned our Republican principles and proudly joined Democrats.

Lets lead together in taking back California from the socialist principles of the progressive left by promoting fair competition and standing with small business owners. For over three decades I was a crime fighter and now want to become a tax fighter on your behalf. I will not support increasing California taxes that hurt our working poor and middle class. In fact, I am proposing tax cuts for all Californians.

I ask that you use our ballot box to remove the Turncoat Mayes from office and elect me - Gary Jeandron , Tax Fighter - to lead the Revolution from the 42nd Assembly District all the way to Sacramento.

Upcoming Events

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Assembly District 42

Information concerning the California Assembly and the 42nd district - includes a district map.
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